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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Mom says, I listen and thinking

Mom’s thinking that something best for me.
I always believe that.
But as a human, we are not 100% right, not 100% false
Sometimes we do something good beside on something wrong
Almost always right even sometimes do some mistaken

Mom’s doing the same too
Even it right for mom says, but not always right for us.
As a daughter we have responsibilities to do something good too
Not about mom’s thinking, but it about what we are thinking
It’s complicated.

Sometimes mom can’t receive our mature of thinking
It makes everything false if we do something about our opinion.
It’s same like to love somebody that difficult to describe his future, his life, his opportunity
I lost some words, to explain!

We can’t do that to something on earth.
We just can do something 100% just for God!

100% believe
100% obey
100% want to meet Him

Difficult for me to say about that, if we have different point of thinking
Because in my mind, is full about how to make all people beside on me believed …

God have all the answer of our problem.
God never leave us.
God always here, beside on people that always call Him to ask help.
Jus ask for Him.

100% is something not easy, but not too difficult too if we know the best thing for our life and our future.
I’m absolutely not perfect, but I’ll try to do the best thing because I know I can.
And as long as God blesses me, I believe, everything going to right.

I don’t know, how I can tell you about this. Because I never know how much you force your energy to believe, to obey, to do something that your God ask for His entire creature.
I just want to try, to make you sure. You are in the right way on your life.

It’s something unbelievable, if a mom hates her daughter because her daughter does something good for her life, for mom and herself as a daughter. No one wise mom will do that.

My words enough, till this sentences.
Hope you’ll get better day.

Love and care.